Muffin’ Much

picture-027Store-bought carbs come in many a guise. I decided that I would attempt the basic and delicious chocolate chip muffin. I thought since I bake a lot of cookies without a problem I should be able to make a muffin that tastes like a cookie. Right?picture-028

I looked at only one recipe. CleoButtera. I thought it sounded really picture-029good. And really easy. And the name of the blog had me laughing for about 5 minutes. I’m so easily amused at this point in my life. When you spend about 20 hours a day alone with a toddler you get amused at the stupidest things. I love it.



This has nothing to do with my muffins, but it was the best poem I read in years. I laughed reading it the first time. I snorted while trying to read it out loud.  I squeaked out a giggle when typing it up for this blog.

I mean, it does say about the muffin. And I only have one toddler, but he did eat my muffin while my coffee went cold. And that is a common occurrence in this house.

Alright back to the muffins  I did bake. I didn’t read the instructions. Yeah, probably not the best idea. I just threw it together like I would with a cookie batter. Apparently, that’s not the way picture-025you make muffins. But luckily for me. they turned out fine. And by fine, I mean, Oh Mickey he’s so fine. They were ridiculously yummy.

I may have overcooked them. I may have picture-026mixed the ingredients wrong. But hell. I still want to eat them until i have to be rolled into the next room.

I think I will be using the muffin recipe again. Maybe I’ll try combining everything together how she told you to do it. Maybe I won’t. I don’t know. But I could make banana nut or blueberry. I could make any muffin I want. It’s like I’m goddess of muffins. Bow to me. Eat my muffins.

All you pervs, stop laughing.


Sammy loves his chocolate.He’s my harshest critic.


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